Meeting in Madagascar

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Meeting in Madagascar...

... is the journal of four months living and travelling around Madagascar during the adoption of my two Malagasy children.

... is an adoption story.

... is a travel book.

... is my personal vision of a country with very particular geography, nature and cultural background.

... is how I experienced the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

... is about the people I had the pleasure to meet: locals, expats and travellers.


In January 2020, Viktor and I travelled to Madagascar to complete the adoption process of the siblings allocated to us after our application to a Swedish adoption agency. The duration of our stay was expected to be 2 to 3 months. Far into the process, the first COVID-19 cases were announced in Madagascar, much later than in most countries. The borders were immediately shut down and so were our plans for further travelling. Nevertheless, we did our bit and were well impressed with what we saw of  the birth country of our two boys! The lockdown turned out to be a unique experience of Antananarivo that we did not expect.


While waiting for the public administration to reopen, I decided to write about this extraordinary encounter and our first months together. What was going to be a photo-journal for Raymond and Dominic, took the shape of a book that can be easily placed on the travel self. I adapted it for the public eyes and now I hope you enjoy reading it nearly as much as we did living it!

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In the Three Wise Men 2020, my brother Diego gave me a notebook and a pen to reflect on the one-in-a-lifetime experience I was about to live from 27th January. I left them at home because of the lack of luggage capacity after essential packing. I took the task of documenting with me though. I am very grateful to Diego, for the idea. I am also grateful to him because his adoptions of my nephew and nice have been of great inspiration for me.


During the years living in different places, I gathered a set of good friends. I live far from most but technology and will to keep in touch allows me to feel well wrapped. A few of them, very talented people, helped out with their opinions and valuable feedback on the book, each on different aspects.


My husband Viktor helped me with the editing, photos and all the self-publishing chores and decisions one needs to make. This is also his journal.


No children, no book. Raymond and Dominic are the lead characters and the most amazing people I have met so far. He-he, I talk like a proper proud mum!

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